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    Rapid weight loss diet | How to lose weight fast


    Rapid Weight Loss Diet


    We look at the best ways to achieve rapid weight loss. Instead of following all the faddy diets, we go back to basics which is the key for quick and successfil weight loss.





    Looking For A Rapid Weight Loss Diet?




    Everybody wants to lose weight yesterday, but instead of rushing in, slow is the best strategy if you want to get rid of the pounds permanently. Aim to lose no more than 2-3 lbs per week for long term weight loss.


    Only make changes you can live with - don't cut out things that will be impossible to follow for the rest of your life. If you feel like you can make a change today that you can still do tomorrow, then you抮e on the right track.


    Follow our 6 top tips below, which can all be easily implemented into your daily routine -


    Plan ahead


    We have all been guilty of coming home from work, finding the fridge bare of fresh food, and ended up calling for a take-away. The key to diet success is planning your meals a day to a week in advance, so you know exactly how many calories you will consume each day. The results will be more than worth the extra effort.


    Fry light


    Always try and bake or grill your food, but for times when frying is the only option, opt for a 1 calorie spray. You can also spray sliced potatoes for roasting in the oven, for chips that taste like they have been fried.



    Flavour up


    Brown rice is an excellent source of low fat complex carbohydrate, but let's face it not a very tasty one. Next time you cook it add a chicken or beef flavour stock cube to give it a unique flavor.


    Don't do it alone 


    Ask your partner of friend for support and tell them you are on a diet. Change the way you socialise and make sure it抯 not always around food. Substitute your favourite restaurant outing for an activity instead, and you will soon see a difference on the scales.


    Join a support group


    Seeing other dieters lose weight can really motivate you to succeed. One of the most popular weight loss support groups in the UK is weight watchers online. Their point based system is one of the simplest ways to watch what you eat and has proved successful all over the world.


    Another popular choice is Tesco Diets, they have an online support community so if you need a little motivation there is always a fellow dieter there to spur you on.


    Out of sight, out of mind


    The easiest way to control foods like crisps and chocolate is by not having them around. However if you have kids then this can be hard, the trick is to buy them snacks that you don't really like!



    Still struggling to stick to you diet?


    If you are doing all of the above but find the weight is still not shifting, then maybe a little help from a diet supplement may get you started in the right direction.


    The two most popular products are appetite suppressants and fat binders such as Hoodia Gordonii and Proactol -



    Hoodia Godonii is a natural plant extract which works to suppress your hunger, helping you to consume less calories in a day, and prevent snacking in between meals.


    Read more about UniqueHoodia




    Proactol is the popular fat binder which binds upto 28% of fat from the food you eat. It was voted as this years best way to lose weight in a recent Telegraph survey.


    Read more about Proactol






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