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    Proactol Reviews UK | Side effects | scam | diet pills


    Proactol Reviews


    Proactol diet pills claim to bind 28% of your fat intake and kill your appetite, read the Proactol review here.








    Proactol Fat Binder Review - Is Proactol A Scam?



    What is Proactol?


    Proactol is a natural dietary supplement which has recieved a huge amount of positive praise since its release in 2006. 


    Unlike typical natural diet supplements, Proactol has been tested in medical trials using volunteers and was clinically proven to encourage weight loss -


     Blocks up to 28% of fat from your meals

     Naturally suppresses your appetite

     Lowers your food cravings

     Lowers your cholesterol level

     Free from negative side effects


    Proactol has also recently received full medical backing as a weight loss aid, which led to it being added to the Medical Device Directory (MDD) as a certified product for weight management.



    Buy Proactol from the official Proactol website


    How does Proactol work?


    Proactol is essentially a fat binder and appetite suppressant which claims to bind 28% of fat from the food you eat and leave you feeling fuller for longer. 


    Its main ingredient is derived from a catcus plant called Optunia Ficus-indica (aka prickly pear extract), which contains two types of fibres. The part below explains how they each work.


    The Science Inside Proactol


    Proactol's formula consists of two fibres, one soluble - to make you feel full, and one non soluble - to bind the fat from your food making it indigestible. Here's how they both work


    Non soluble fibres


    As soon as the non-soluble fibres in Proactol come in to contact with the dietary fats in your food, they bind with them immediately forming a liquid gel. This makes a fat-fibre complex which is too large for your body to absorb, lowering the fat content of any meal by up to 28%.


    Soluble fibres


    The soluble fibres in Proactol form a sticky solution in your stomach, which binds bile acids and slows down the absorption of glucose. This solution takes a lot longer to digest compared to a normal meal, making you feel fuller for longer and preventing any cravings.


    Customer Proactol reviews UK


    We asked our readers what their experience of using Proactol was like, and the results they had achieved. Here are a selection of some of the recent comments we have received -


    Pleasantly surprised    

    "I had previously tried Alli, but just couldn't put up with the side effects so I switched. I am halfway through my second box of Proactol and so far so good. I have steadily been losing around 2 pounds a week, let's hope it continues!"

    Date: 24/01/2010 Reviewer: Amanda B. From Norfolk


    Helped my hunger    

    "My stomach used to be like a bottomless pit, Proactol has definitely made a difference to my eating habits, I feel less hungry all the time and I'm no longer reaching for the biscuit jar in the afternoon! Well recommended." 

    Date: 14/12/2009 Reviewer: Gemma W. From Stockport



    Buy Proactol from the official Proactol website


    You just have to try it! (video above)       

    "I tried Proactol after trying to lose weight following a number of different diet plans which were hard to follow. Proactol helped me keep my cravings under control and helped me lose 11lbs very easily. Thank you very much Proactol!"    

    Date: 04/11/2009 Reviewer: Sophie From Nottingham


    Excellent results      

    "It took a few weeks for me to see any difference on the scales, but I have to say I'm over the moon with the weight I have lost so far!"    

    Date: 04/11/2009 Reviewer: Joanna T. From Nottingham


    Can't praise it enough!    

    "Excellent! I still ate my normal foods within reason, and managed to lose 10lbs pretty efforlessly. For anyone thinking of trying it, I couldn't recommend it more."

    Date: 05/03/2010 Reviewer: Bethany S. From Worcester


    Are there any Proactol side effects? 


    No. Proactol contains 100% natural organic ingredients and there have been no unpleasant side effects reported by users, including people who are using the product long term to maintain their weight.


    Overall Proactol review -4.5/5


    Clinically proven, endorsed by leading medical officials, and plenty of positive weight loss results from real UK users to back up its claims, is exactly what we like to see in a diet supplement.


    Proactol are currently offering 7% off all orders of two months and above. Enter the code "EXPIR1" on the checkout page of the Proactol website to receive your discount.


    Proactol also offer free delivery and a 6 month money back guarantee, details of which can be found on their website.


    Buy Proactol from the official Proactol website



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