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    Your one stop resource for everything related to dieting and losing weight.


    We review all the best weight loss products available on the market, and advise you on the ones that really work.





    Diet World - Your one stop resource for diet pill reviews



    Losing weight can sometimes be easier said than done. If you are looking to lose weight but are unsure where to start and which products will help, then you have come to the right place!


    At Diet World you will find all the latest diet products in one place. It is important to choose the correct diet supplement that suits your bodys needs, to ensure you lose weight safely and get the maximum results - that's where we help.


    Helping you to kickstart your diet.....


    We independently review all the best weight loss tablets, fat binders and safe appetite suppressants on the market, and put them head to head so you can see for yourself which ones get our top rating.


    You will also find many other handy weight loss tools, including a BMI calculator and a useful calorie calculator, along with healthy eating plans, exercise routines and lots of other dieting tips.


    Top Rated Products This Year....


    Best Fat Burner


    Best Fat Binder

    Strongest Formula


    Proactol Plus





    Capsiplex - The original chilli diet pill!


    Capsiplex is a 100% natural diet supplement which has been shown to burn as many calories as 30 minutes worth of swimming.


    Known as the "chilli diet pill" Capsiplex is a huge favourite with top A-listers Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez, who are both rumoured to be long term advocates of the supplement.


    Capsiplex is one of the only herbal diet pills which can boast clinical proof and a 100% safety record.


    Read Full Review


    Proactol is a dual action fat binder and appetite suppressant.


    Proactol helps promote weight loss by suppressing appetite and limiting the fat content of a typical meal by up to 28%.


    Proactol has recieved countless positive reviews in many respected newspapers and magazines, and was recently featured as The Telegraphs Best Fat Binder.


    Proactol is free from side effects, medically backed and guaranteed for 6 months.


    Read Full Review



    Phen375 is a US produced diet pill which contains a highly effective fat burning formula.


    Phen375 has a huge following here in the UK and abroad, earning it's place as one of the stongest and safest fat burners available.


    Phen is ideal if you have an unusually slow metabolism, lack energy, and find it hard to lose weight even when dieting.


    Although a US product, Phen375 can be purchased easily from within the UK from the official website.


    Read Full Review



    Spotlight on... Zotrim  


    Zotrim has become an increasingly popular natural weight loss pill over the past few months and has a unique approach to weight loss.


    It works by making you feel like you are full after only eating a small amount of food. A similar effect can be done though complex surgery, but Zotrim eliminates the risk of surgery, and creates an affordable weight loss solution.


    In addition to its low cost, Zotrim has also undergone many successful clinical trials. The results of the trials have been far beyond what people had expected.


    The average weight loss during a two month trial was about 6 kilograms. In order to achieve these great results, you should not only take the pill, but watch what you抮e eating and exercise daily.


    Read the full Zotrim review


    Diet World takes a look at Yacon Syrup

    The latest natural appetite suppressant


    Yacon Syrup has been shown to help feed healthy bacteria in the gut which can improve digestion and lower the appetite.


       Decrease your appetite

       Help you lose weight

       Keep you feeling full for longer


      We will be adding a review on Yacon Syrup very soon, but for those who can't wait and want to know more, this Yacon Syrup website has some great information.



      Alli Review....

      Released to the UK market


      Alli is one of the newest fat binders to hit the UK shelves. It is only available over the counter and to people with a body mass index of 28 and over.


      Alli seems to offer a promising mix of clinically backed ingredients, coupled with successful weight loss results, but is it worth all the hype? 


      Read our Alli review here.



      The New Kid on the Block....

      Garcinia Cambogia


      Some of you may have heard of this supplement already, especially our US readers. There is currently a huge amount of interest due to a recent episode of Dr. Oz which claimed it was highly effective at burning fat.


      We hope to review this product very soon, but for those who just can't wait it might be worth checking a video which explains a little bit more about what you need to look out for.




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      Are you unsure of your BMI or body mass index? Then try our simple to use calculator here.


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      Work out how many calories you need to consume to lose your required amount of weight


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