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    Hydroxycut Banned | Looking For A Safe Hydroxycut Alternative?


    Hydroxycut Banned


    After the recent ban of Hydroxycut, we look for a safe Hyrdroxycut alternative, which gives the same fat burning results.






    Hydroxycut banned - We look at a safe Hydroxycut alternative



    After 23 serious health complaints and the suspected death of a teenager, Hydroxycut has been banned, so what's the safe Hydroxycut alternative?


    Hydroxycut banned - The chief medical officer of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) - Linda Katz has ordered all 14 Hydroxycut products to be recalled due to numerous serious health complaints, and the death of a 19 year old male who has died of liver failure after taking Hydroxycut.


    Hydroxycut will be examined by the FDA and leading medical experts, who will look into its ingredients and side effects and determine whether Hydroxycut is responsible for the teenagers death.


    If you have recently purchased Hydroxycut, you are advised to immediately cease taking it and seek medical advice if you start to notice any side effects.


    Here are all the Hydroxycut products which have been recalled -


        * Hydroxycut Caffeine Free Drink Packets
        * Hydroxycut Hardcore Drink Packets (Ignition Stix)
        * Hydroxycut Max Drink Packets
        * Hydroxycut Liquid Shots
        * Hydroxycut Hardcore RTDs (Ready to Drink)
        * Hydroxycut Max Aqua Shed
        * Hydroxycut 24
        * Hydroxycut Carb Control
        * Hydroxycut Natural

        * Hydroxycut Regular Rapid Release Caplets
        * Hydroxycut Caffeine-Free Rapid Release Caplets
        * Hydroxycut Hardcore Liquid Capsules
        * Hydroxycut Max Liquid Capsules
        * Hydroxycut Regular Drink Packets


    So what's a safe Hydroxycut alternative?


    If you are looking for an effective and more importantly safe Hydroxycut alternative, that gives similar fat burning results but without the risk to your health, then we suggest Trim and Slim.


    Trim And Slim packs in no fewer than 10 powerful and clinically proven fat busting ingredients, and claims you can expect to lose over 7lbs in 10 days.


    They are currently offering a free trial bottle, you just have to pay ?.95 to cover the cost of postage. One bottle will last two weeks, so according to their website, this should be enough time to see some visible weight loss results.


    We think Trim And Slims "lose 7lbs in 10 days" may be a little on the optimistic side, it's probably more likely to be around 2-4lbs a week but even so, it's not bad for a freebie.

    Visit the Trim And Slim website here



    Trim and Slim - The Hydroxycut alternative


    Trim And Slim is a fat burner like Hydroxycut, and contains ATP and Cayenne which are both proven to boost your metabolism and energy levels to burn fat quicker. But it also contains other active ingredients which claim to help you lose weight by -


    Suppressing your appetite

    Hoodia, the clinically proven natural appetite suppressant and Slendesta, combine to help to lower your food cravings, making you less likely to snack in during the day.


    Targeting those 'hard to lose' problem areas

    Trim And Slims formula has been designed to attack stubborn fat deposits around your waist, stomach, thighs and hips







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