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    Formoline L112 Review


    Formoline L122 Review


    Read about Formoline L112, the weight loss tablets designed to bind fat from the food you eat, making it undigestible.


    But does Formoline L112 work?





    Formoline L112 Review



    What is Formoline L112?


    According to the manufacturer, Formoline acts as a fat binder and claims to lower calorie consumption by removing a percentage of fat from regular meals.


    So does Formoline L112 work?


    The science behind Formoline L112 is based around the active ingredient - Polyglucosamine, which is a form of glucosamine produced from shellfish.


    The claim is that it can bind itself to fat molecules and render them too large for natural digestion. This percentage of fat is then flushed from the body as waste.


    Is Formoline L112 clinically proven?


    No. There have been no clinical studies to prove Formoline L112 can cause weight loss.


    Formoline L112 side effects


    Usually very well tolerated. However, people who normally suffer from shellfish allergies should avoid this product.


    Where can you buy Formoline L112 in the UK?


    Formoline is available in most pharmacies and some supermarkets, with a 48 tablet pack costing ?5.


    As usual the best bargains are to be found online, such as Evolution Slimming who are selling it for only ?9.95 with FREE shipping.


    Formoline L112 dosage


    Take two tablets twice per day with a meal and glass of water. Once you have reached your target weight, only 1 tablet twice per day is needed.


    Formoline L112 review - the conclusion


    Although the price is reasonable when purchased online, we think it may be false economy when compared to similar products which are actually clinically proven to help you lose weight.


    Fat binders only work if you normally eat a lot of foods high in saturated fat, and only then cut out a small percentage, typically 20-30%.


    Recommended alternatives 


    #1 Proactol


    If you抮e looking for a proven fat binder then we suggest Proactol as the one to go for as it boasts a 6 month guarantee, clinical proof and was voted The Telegraph抯 best fat binder 2009.


    Read more about Proactol.



    #2 Capsiplex


    Capsiplex is another worth contender and unlike Formoline, is clinically proven and has made headline news in a many British newspapers.


    Capsiplex works as a natural fat burner which is proven to boost the metabolism by up to 12x - burning as many calories as a 25 minute jog.


    Read our Capsiplex Review to find out why it has been one of the most popular diet pills of this year.



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