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    Duromine Phertermine | The side effects of Duromine Phentermine


    Duromine Phentermine


    We put the spotlight on the doctor prescribed only drug Duromine Phentermine.


    Find out how effective it is at aiding weight loss in our review.





    Duromine Phentermine review



    What is Duromine?


    Duromine is the trading name of a weight loss product containing Phentermine as its main ingredient. 


    Originally this supplement was first used in Australia and New Zealand, quickly spreading across the continent over to our shores. 


    Duromine is a prescription strength formula, which is only available following a consultation with your Doctor.


    How does Duromine Phentermine work?


    Duromine works by suppressing your appetite, making you feel less hungry and less likely to snack in between meals. Duromine secretes a chemical in your brain which controls your appetite, reducing your overall daily calorie consumption. This prescription only drug has shown some promising results when trialed with people suffering from extreme obesity.


    Duromine Phentermine side effects


    Users have reported side effects whilst taking Duromine which include: convulsions, palpitations and hallucinations. There have also been claims that Duromine leads to the development of abnormal heart valves in your body, but these are very rare and isolated cases.


    Duromine Phentermine Conclusion


    There is no doubt that some people have experienced good results with Duromine, but the downside is the side effects of its main ingredient Phentermine, which is highly addictive and can often lead to users developing a dependency.


    Duromine Phentermine rating:


    Duromine Alternative


    A good natural alternative to Duromine is Unique Hoodia. Hoodia has been trialed and tested for many years as an effective appetite suppressant, without the side effects associated with prescription strength weight loss drugs.


    Read more about Unique Hoodia





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