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            Capsiplex chili diet pill review


            Capsiplex Chilli Diet Pill


            The new diet pill to hit the shelves just in time for all those new years resolutions is Capsiplex - nicknamed the chili diet pill. See how it works...





            Capsiplex review - The chili diet pill



            What is Capsiplex?


            Capsiplex is a hugely popular UK diet supplement which managed to make headline news in a number of high-profile British newspapers and magazines during 2010.


            Known as the "chili diet pill" and believed to be a favorite among Hollywood抯 A-listers such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Lopex, Capsiplex claims to boost the metabolism by up to 12x the normal rate.


            Both clinically proven and 100% natural, Capsiplex can burn as many calories as the average person would burn by jogging for about twenty minutes - or swimming for half an hour.   


            How does Capsiplex work?


            Scientists have long thought that capscinoids (found in red hot chilli peppers) can signigicantly burn body fat and stimulate the metabolism.


            However, the problem has always been how to deliver enough of the active ingredient without causing any "heat" sensation from the chilli.


            Capsiplex is the first slimming product available which harnesses the power of chilli extract by using a PH-sensitive formula - meaning even those who are normally sensitive to spicy foods do not encouter any discomfort.


            Capsiplex Benefits


            100% natural ingredients

            Burns 12x more calories immediately after use

            Supercharges the metabolism

            Free from side effects

            Clinically proven weight loss aid

            Just one small capsule per day is needed

            Only ?9.99 for one month supply



            Capsiplex testimonials


            Capsiplex has received countless favourable reviews both from the media and its users. The following clip is a testimonial taken from the Capsiplex website -



            Visit the official Capsiplex website


            Capsiplex in the News


            When Capsiplex was first released to the UK market back in June 2010, The Daily Mail ran the story "NHS Miracle Fat Pill sells out in three days" - highlighting the fact that Capsiplex had sold an incredible 50,000 units in just 72 hours.


            Recent advocates include the page 3 glamour model Nicola Mclean and Emmerdales Roxanne Pallet (shown on the right), who have attributed their weight loss to Capsiplex and a healthy diet.


            Capsiplex Dosage


            One capsule each day 30 minutes before breakfast or exercise. One bottle lasts an entire month.


            Is Capsiplex worth buying?  4.5/5


            With thousands of satisfied users, positive media praise and a clinically proven formula, Capsiplex is perhaps one of the best natural diet supplements to hit our shores in a long time.    


            Capsiplex is only available to buy from the official website for ?9.99 with big savings on mulitiple orders.


            Buy Capsiplex direct from the official website




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