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    Shapewear for women


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    Can Shapewear really help you lose weight?



    Shapewear for women


    Each and every one of us has to contend with those same little wobbly imperfections that we wish we could banish.


    Whether you think you have a bulging belly, thunder thighs or a bigger than average bottom, its easy to think that dieting is the only answer. However, many women are now turning to shapewear to help achieve their perfect figure.


    Shapewear, or control wear as it is sometimes called, is designed to streamline your figure, giving the illusion of a more svelte and slimline you.


    It's typically a lycra-mix fabric that holds in and supports your shape, either as well as, or instead of, traditional underwear.


    The appeal of Shapewear is its versatility, it can be worn under almost anything and comes in such a wide variety of styles these days that there really is something to suit everyone, giving all of us the opportunity to have that craved, perfect silhouette.


    While the undergarments won't help you lose any actual weight, they will work to give you the appearance of a slimmer figure and some users report they appear to have lost a stone in bodyweight.


    Shapewear has grown enormously in popularity since celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey and even Princess Beatrice admitted that it is their own personal red carpet secret.


    Recommended Shapewear brands


    Some very well known High Street brands have lent their names to shapewear recently, making it as openly available on the market as any other bra or lingerie item. One brand has gone one step further however, in its bid to create the ultimate in body control underwear - Pelham and Strutt


    Pelham and Strutt has recently launched its very own range of body contouring shapewear that is not only designed to give you a better shape, but also help correct posture and support the muscles around the spine.


    Pelham and Strutt offer a range of women's Shapewear for any occasion.


    With the help of leading Physiotherapist, Judith Pitt, a member of the Health Professionals Council, the range from Pelham and Strutt offers the exclusive 慪?mapping design on all of its products that helps to brace the spine and improve muscle control.


    This type of underwear has never been seen on the market before now, and aside from the obvious benefits of looking and feeling much slimmer, the definitive design of this range also offers the potential to improve and reduce muscle weakness, correct posture and reduce the risk of soreness and any aches and pains.


    The company propose that the range is perfect for everyone from athletes to leisure gym goers and fashionista抯 to mummy-tummy sufferers. Averaging between ?5 and ?0, depending on which style you chose, they aren抰 any more expensive than their High Street competitors too.


    To quote a recent press release from Pelham and Strutt themselves; 揂 worthy and functional addition to most wardrobes.?


    Buy online from Pelham & Strutt and view the Shapewear catalogue here



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