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    Buy Sida Cordifolia Tablets 


    Sida Cordifolia Tablets


    If you are looking to buy Sida Cordifolia tablets for weight loss then read our review below first. Find out how they work and how they help promote weight loss.





    Sida Cordifolia tablets review



    What is Sida Cordifolia?


    Sida Cordifolia is a versatile plant which mainly grows wild in areas of South America. It has been used for hundreds of years for treating a variety of illness and conditions, most commonly asthma, bronchitis, and inflammation.


    However recent research has also revealed it promotes weight loss, due in part to the small amounts of ephedrine which is present in the plant.


    Ephedrine is an alkaloid which is produced by plants of the Ephedra family. Used in Chinese medicine and commonly referred to as "ma huang", it stimulates the metabolism and helps you to burn more calories. It also acts as a mild appetite suppressant, and can help with the negative feelings which often accompany a typical calorie restricted diet.


    Sida Cordifolia side effects


    Although ephedrine can cause adverse reactions when taken in high concentrations, Sida Cordifolia contains relatively low amounts of ephedrine and should not cause any problems for the majority of users. However, it should be avoided if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or are taking any form of anti-depressants.


    Sida Cordifolia Dosage


    1-2 capsules twice per day, no more than 4 tablets should be taken in one day. Due to the effectiveness of this product, it is encouraged to only use for 3 weeks at a time before taking 1 week off and starting over.


    Does Sida Cordifolia work?


    There has been a lot of research on ephedrine over the years and many OTC weight loss products feature it in some capacity. There is little doubt over its effectiveness as a stimulant to boost regular metabolism. However, fat burners like Sida Cordifolia need to be used alongside a low calorie diet to benefit from any enhanced weight loss.


    Where can I buy Sida Cordifolia tablets?


    Evolution-Slimming currently offer a Sida Cordifolia super strength Complex with free UK delivery.


    Looking for alternatives?


    Acai berry is also a powerful and proven fat burner, but rather than relying on harsh stimulants to increase metabolism, it uses high levels of natural anti-oxidants and reservatrol to detoxify your system, and help you burn extra calories.


    In fact Acai is clinically proven to help you lose weight and is renowned as the world抯 most potent superfood.


    Acai Berry extract is available from Evolution-Slimming for a similar price to Sida Cordifolia, and offers products in tablet and patch form.




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