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     Where to buy Alli UK | Reviews | Weight Loss | Side effects


    Where to buy Alli


    Alli is one of the newest weight loss tablets to hit the market, and is already proving to be a best seller. With its FDA approved weight loss formula, we see how Alli works to help you lose weight.  





    Where to buy Alli in the UK



    What is Alli?


    When you think of weight loss tablets, you cannot fail to have heard of Alli, the recently released fat binder that's causing a stir right now amongst slimmers.


    Alli is the first over the counter weight loss product licensed for use throughout Europe, and is available for people with a body mass index (BMI) of 28 or over. It has been designed to be used alongside a sensible healthy eating programme to help you lose weight effectively and permanently.


    Alli is not another miracle pill which claims to help you lose weight immediately, instead it is aimed at people who actively want to make an effort to change their eating patterns, and it will reward you with 50% more weight loss. So for every 2lbs you lose by yourself by switching to a lower fat, lower calorie diet, Alli will give you an extra boost and help you lose an extra 1lb more.


    Buy Alli online from Pharmacy2U


    How does Alli work?


    Alli works by binding 25% of fat from your food. It contains the active ingredient Orlistat, which attaches to your bodys enzymes and breaks down fat. This fat is then unable to be absorbed by your body and simply passes naturally, meaning it is unable to contribute to weight gain.


    Unlike other weight loss products, Alli works exclusively in your digestive system, and will not affect your brain, heart rate or cause insomnia, some of the side effects that can be associated with taking weight loss tablets.


    "You must be willing to make small changes towards a healthier diet and lifestyle, and the addition of Alli will give you results where it matters most - the scales."



    Alli weight loss - is it clinically proven?


    Yes, Alli is the only FDA approved effective weight loss product, and has been clinically proven in extensive tests to increase weight loss by an extra 50%.


    The makers of Alli do say it is important to know that simply taking these tablets on their own will not result in dramatic weight loss, they must be used alongside a healthy lifestyle too.


    What about Alli side effects?


    Because Alli works in your digestive system and allows your body to pass out extra fat, it is important to remain within Alli's recommended fat level of 15 grams per meal.


    This is because if you eat a fatty meal such as a burger and chips with a high fat content of 80 grams, Alli will allow 25% of this fat (20 grams) to pass out of your body naturally.


    This is when you may experience some side effects inlcuding -


     Sudden bowel movements

     Wind (Flatulence)

     Oily or soft stools


    However, if you stick to the recommended fat intake of 15g, it is highly unlikely that you will experience any of these side effects.


    The Alli weight loss programme


    Alli weight loss pills only make up one part of the comprehensive Alli programme. You also receive full support 24/7 on the Alli website which includes practical weight loss advice, delicious recipe ideas, weekly encouragement and even an Alli forum where you can share your weight loss journey with other Alli users.


    Alli Dosage


    Alli tablets are to be taken 3 times a day, one with each meal.


    Where to buy Alli


    Alli can be purchased online from Pharmacy2U - Buy Alli 



    Alli Alternative


    Proactol is the natural fat binder which helps to cut your daily calorie intake, without causing any unwanted side effects like Alli. It was also recently voted the best way to lose weight by the Telegraph newspaper.


    Read more about Proactol





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