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    Best selling diet books


    Best Selling Diet Books


    With endless shelves of diet books all claiming to be a best seller, choosing a the right one can be a bit of a minefield. We have reviewed over 40 of the best selling diet books.





    Best selling diet books - A review of the top sellers



    Each year a whole host of new diet books hit the shops, each promising to help us say farewell to those unwanted pounds.


    From the celebrity diet, to the cabbage soup diet right through to the Atkins, the diet trends seem to change as often as the seasons. The one thing you can definitely be sure of though, is that the new 'must try' diet book will be just around the corner.


    So, with spring in the air and your summer wardrobe looming, theres never been a better time to get your weight back on track with a proven diet book.


    The vast choice of diet books on offer is endless, so before you rush off to the shops to part with your hard earned cash, we have reviewed over 40 of the best selling diet books to give you the ultimate 3 for 2009.



    Best selling diet book number 1 - Fat loss 4 idiots


    With its hilarious name and outlandish claims that you can lose 9lb every 11 days, Fat Loss 4 Idiots has taken the online diet world by storm. What we like about this program is that you simply download its accelerated weight loss diet from their website, you don't even have to leave the house!


    Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a comprehensive diet program that is explained in an easy to understand and jargon free manner. It has been designed to make the life of the dieter as easy as possible! 


    "It will teach you the 10 fool proof rules of weight loss and dieting, separating food facts from fiction in the process, and also includes some excellent advanced fat busting techniques too."


    But the best thing about Fat Loss 4 Idiots is its unique online meal generator, simply choose your favourite foods from a list, press a button and hey presto it generates your diet plan for the next 11 days based upon your food choices. This is an invaluable little time saving device - theres no more waking up and thinking "what am I going to eat today in order to stick to my diet?". The online meal generator also generates meal plans suitable for vegetarians too.


    Fat Loss 4 Idiots are currently offering an impressive 50% discount off their diet program, inorder to kick start your slimmer shape in time for summer. For more information visit the Fat Loss 4 Idiots website



    Best selling diet book number 2- I can make you thin by Paul Mckenna


    Yes the world's most popular hypnotist returns with a brand new revolutionary weight loss book and CD combo, which promises to re-pattern your thoughts and get you to take control of what you eat once and for all. And what with many celebs, such as Lily Allen famously opting for hypnotism to shed the pounds, it seems like this could be the A-list way to go to lose weight.


    If you抮e after a step-by-step diet program, you won抰 find it here, but if you find it difficult to stop comfort eating, not being able to say no to seconds or you're always craving late night snacks, then McKenna抯 breakthrough techniques will have you questioning why you抮e doing those things ?and make you stop! The idea behind the book is to enable you to get back in control of your diet, and lose weight permanently.


    Buy Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin



    Best selling diet book number 3- Dr. Aktins New Diet Revolution


    If even the mention of the word 'Aktins' strikes fear in to your heart then bear with us, as Dr Aktins New Diet Revolution promises to be the no hunger, luxurious way to lose those excess pounds for good.


    Essentially a low carb diet, the Atkin's plan will catapult your body into a high state of fat meltdown by boosting your metabolism. Once your body becomes accustomed to this new way of burning fat, you will lose weight like never before, and without having to constantly count every calorie.


    In this new up to date edition, the world's No.1 diet expert Dr Atkins (albeit love him or hate him!) has added plenty of new mouth watering, controlled carb recipes designed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ensuring you're never stuck for something delicious to eat again.


    Buy Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution



    Our best selling diet books conclusion


    All of these diet books tackle dieting from a different perspective, and will ultimately help you lose weight, but our number one recommendation is -


    Fat Loss 4 Idiots -

    This is our number one choice based on positive user feedback and countless testimonials. One of the really great things with this diet book is the fact it can downloaded instantly, there's no waiting around for it to arrive in the post like the other two books.


    So in under 5 minutes you can begin your weight loss journey to a slimmer, sexier new you who looks and feels fabulous just in time for summer.




    Visit the Fat Loss 4 Idiots website




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