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    Best fat binder UK


    Your one stop resource for everything related to dieting and losing weight.


    We review all the best weight loss products available on the market, and advise you on the ones that really work.





    We look at the best fat binder in the UK, based on effectiveness, price and customer feedback



    Fat binders have become a popular dieting supplement due to their ability to absorb up to a third of the fat consumed within your food.


    In a nutshell, they work by binding to free floating fats in the stomach and prevent the fat from being absorbed by the body.


    When used sensibly alongside a healthy diet, Fat binders can be an extremely effective weight loss tool. Helping to reduce calories without forgoing your favourite foods.


    The following list are our pick of the very best fat binding supplements, selected due to their reasonable price, positive user feedback and natural formulations.


    Proactol - The natural fat binder


    Overall Rating:  (9/10)


    Proactol has the comforting feature of being 100% organic and has a two-fold mechanism of helping your body absorb fat and curb your appetite to help you rid those unwanted inches on your waistline.


    Firstly, a non-soluble fibre will absorb around 27% of your dietary fat by binding it into a fluid like gel which naturally passes from your body in a bowel movement.


    The secondary soluble fibre within Proactol has a sticky consistency that slows down your digestion, whilst reducing the levels of glucose being absorbed into your blood stream ensuring that you experience the feeling of fullness.



    With the added advantage of having been clinically trialled and proven, Proactol is a natural fat binder without any hidden nasties. There is some risk of constipation but this is normally seen in the early stages of taking the supplement, while your digestion adapts to the fat binder. This can be remedied by simply upping your fluid intake.


    Proactol is the only fat binder with a money back guarantee and has been sold for over 10 years with numerous awards for its effectiveness, making it the clear winner in our line-up.


    Proactol is available via the official manufacturers website with a month抯 supply at an average cost of ?4.95 along with savings on bulk orders.


    For more information and to buy online visit the official Proactol website



    XLS Medical


    Overall Rating :  (8/10)


    Singer and presenter Mica Paris is amongst a number of well-known celebrities endorsing the use of XLS Medical Fat Binder as their secret to diet success.


    When taking a fat binding supplement a common side effect can be the loss of vitamins when the fat is absorbed and evacuated from your intestines.


    With XLS Medical, their key ingredient Litramine is able to absorb up to 27% of your dietary fat whilst releasing essential vitamins A, D and E into your digestive system ensuring you stay healthy throughout the process.


    XLS Medical has been medically tested to ensure its safety. Their customers are keen to boast the effectiveness of the supplement at achieving weight loss, along with its ability to cleanse your bowels and to keep you regular.


    XLS Medical is available at a variety of stockists both online and offline, with prices ranging from ?5-35 for 60 tablets.


    Buy XLS Medical online from Boots.com



    Formoline L112


    Overall Rating:  (8/10)


    Although this supplements name isn抰 as catchy as its predecessors, it is still worth a consideration as it promises long-term success with your weight management.


    Formoline L112 contains a natural fibre called polyglucosamine, which is an ingredient derived from shellfish.


    Polyglucosamine has the ability to naturally absorb dietary fat helping to reduce the calorie content of your meals. By reducing the absorption of fat it can also lower your cholesterol intake which can be the cause of many health problems.


    Formoline L112 has experienced success not only in the UK but became the number one slimming aid in Germany. Although there is limited information on their website, its lack of showy marketing has become part of its charm.

    It doesn抰 promise unrealistic results but a well-managed weight loss programme by using their product sensibly.


    Many consumers expect overnight success with fat binders but Formoline L112 are clear to point out that their fat binder only works with high-fat content food and not on all carbohydrates which is often the misconception.


    They are reasonably priced at ?9.95 for 48 tablets which also includes a 7 day diet plan to help you achieve the best results.


    Buy Formoline L112 online from Evolution Slimming



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