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            Benefits of Broccoli | What are the benefits of Broccoli?


            Benefits Of Broccoli


            New clinical research into Broccoli has revealed some interesting results on its potential health benefits.


            Read the full review below...





            The Benefits Of Broccoli



            What are the benefits of Broccoli extract?


            The age old advice of "eating your greens" has been dished out by mothers the world over. Sensible advice too, as veggies contain all the vitamins and minerals we need for a healthy immune system and strong bones.


            But it seems one particular vegetable is much more beneficial than scientists originally thought.


            New research has revealed that broccoli extract - which contains the active molecule sulforaphane, can seek out and destroy cancer stem cells. These are thought to be responsible for feeding growing tumors.


            A scientific study was carried out on mice that were treated with broccoli extract at a CCC (comprehensive cancer centre). The results proved fascinating, the mice appeared to be unable to generate new tumors and cancer cells were reduced significantly. The fact that healthy cells were left unharmed is the most surprising of the results, as traditional cancer treatments are still unable to do this.


            Even more encouraging were the results of tests carried out on human breast cancer tissue, where exact results were noted and a decline in tumor cells reported.


            The benefits of broccoli extract however do not stop there, as it also helps repair damaged DNA and also promote healthy circulation.


            Benefits of Broccoli


             High in vitamins C, K, and A
             An excellent source of fibre
             contains anti-cancer properties
             promotes a healthy immune system
             known to prevent heart disease.


            Where can you purchase broccoli extract?


            Although studies are still being undertaken, a quest for a synthetic version of Sulforaphane is under way. However, this may take many years with scientists recommending simply adding more broccoli to your diet as the easiest way to enjoy all of sulforphanes benefits. 


            However the doses of broccoli used in the recent clinical studies have all been based on a high intake, something which will be hard to achieve by consuming broccoli on its own. Additionally boiling broccoli also destroys the vital minerals and lessens the benefits.


            The best option is to take a broccoli supplement which contains a naturally high amount of sulforaphane. Solgar produce one of the only broccoli supplements available and costs less than ?0.


            Buy Solgar Broccoli extract from echemist





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