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    Your one stop resource for everything related to dieting and losing weight.


    We review all the best weight loss products available on the market, and advise you on the ones that really work.





    Is the "free trial" offered by Avesil a scam?



    What is Avesil?


    Avesil is natural weight loss pill that claims to use the thermogenic and lipolysis inducing qualities of its patented ingredients to boost energy levels, increase metabolism, burn calories and release stored fat.


    The official website states that a user can lose up to three times more weight than would be expected from typical diet and exercise plans.


    Does Avesil work?


    The ingredients listed by the manufacturer are ChromeMate, ashwaghanda extract, green tea extract (decaffeinated) and caffeine.


    Unfortunately, not only does the company hide behind the 憄roprietary blend?label that makes it difficult to ascertain in exactly what quantities these are used, it also claims that these ingredients are unique to Avesil when, in fact, they are used in many other diet pills that are currently available.


    The ingredients themselves do have several references to back up claims that they may 慳ssist?in shedding weight and increasing energy, although as yet there are no clinical trials or studies on Avesil that support this.


    Customer feedback


    Well, so far customer reviews of Avesil are not proving to be very positive. The general consensus is that although the pills may help with mild weight loss, by suppressing the appetite and increasing energy levels (therefore encouraging you to be more active), in many cases users are finding the pills have no effect on their weight at all, and the company抯 customer services are also receiving a less than favourable write up.


    The most notable issue that seems to appear time and time again with the brand itself is the concept of a 慺ree trial? Several people have reported that after accepting the free, 14 day trial they have struggled to cancel their subscription via the websites customer service team and are automatically billed $89.95 and sent a second bottle of pills at the 30 day benchmark.


    Reading the company抯 Terms and Conditions (detailed on the official site), it抯 also worth noting that the 14 day trial period begins on the day that you place your order, not on the day that you receive your pills. In most cases, customers can expect to receive their order within 3-4 days, officially giving just 9 days in which to cancel any unwanted orders.


    So, is it worth it?


    Unfortunately it is hard to give any recommendation for this supplement. If for no other reason than this; the website itself states that for best results it recommends a healthy diet of lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, fish and low-fat dairy products, plenty of exercise (at least 30 minutes a day) and the elimination of junk foods.


    In other words, exactly the type of lifestyle that would, in many cases, see people losing a few extra pounds anyway.


    In conclusion, Avesil contains rather ordinary ingredients which can be purchased for much less in any good health store, without the need for a $89.95 recurring trial offer.



    Alternatives to consider


    Simply put, potential customers would be better off spending their hard earned cash on a low cost supplement with clinical backing such as Capsiplex or simply a quality Acai supplement.


    Capsiplex features a simple yet highly effective formulation which contains capsicum extract, black pepper and a low dose of caffeine. No recurring trials, great support and a huge UK following.


    Read more about Capsiplex





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