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    Adios or Zotrim?


    Adios or Zotrim?


    We compare the two popular diet pills Adios and Zotrim, to see which is most effective in helping you lose weight.


    So which is better? Adios or Zotrim? See which one gets our recommendaion below.




    Adios or Zotrim - How do they compare?



    Adios has been available to buy in the UK for a number of years now. The makers of Adios have recently started a mass media campaign in response to the release of Zotrim.


    Competition between these two diet pills has become very fierce, with stores such as Boots, Superdrug and other major supermarkets now stocking a wide selection of over-the-counter and herbal weight loss remedies.


    So, let's have a look at both of these diet pills in detail, and see how they compare - 


    Our First Contender - Adios Slimming Aid


    Adios is a fat burner that combines four herbal ingredients -butternut, boldo, dandelion root and fucus, all of which claim to boost metabolism and burn body fat.


    Some of these ingredients directly act as a mild thyroid stimulant, which help you burn calories at a faster rate.


    Adios also comes packaged with a sensible slimming plan, which should be followed in order to lose the most weight possible.


    Adios has been tested as side-effect free and is also suitable for vegetarians, and people who suffer from nut allergies.


    Our Verdict -  3/5


    Unfortunately Adios will not stimulate fat loss in those who continue to eat the same diet and exercise level as before. Although the boost in metabolism will help burn more calories, it will not be enough to give dramatic results on its own.


    Where to buy Adios?


    Cheapest price online - ?.98 from Evolution Slimming + Free 7 Day Diet


    Our Second Contender - Zotrim


    Zotrim on the other hand, although slightly more expensive, offers both fat burning qualities and appetite suppression.


    Zotrim aims to lower your daily calorie intake by encouraging you to eat less.


    This is achieved through a unique formulation of three proven weight loss ingredients, which help slow down digestion, leaving you feeling fuller for longer.


    It also contains the caffeine fuelled guarana extract, which has a highly positive effect on metabolism.


    There has also being eight successful clinical trials on Zotrim, all proving without a doubt that the formulation promotes rapid fat loss, without changes to diet or exercise.


    One notable study proved that continued use of zotrim also kept the weight off, something which many diet products have been unable to replicate.


    More recently, Zotrim has been tested and endorsed on Professor Regans Diet Clinic, shown on the BBC in April 2009. It was concluded that Zotrim was a safe and effective way to lose weight, and beat many other hopefuls which were almost twice as expensive.


    Where to buy Zotrim?


    Available in selected chemists for around ?0 - Can be purchased online for ?9.99 from Evolution Slimming - Includes Free 7 Day Diet and Free Delivery.


    Our Verdict 4.5/5

    Both Zotrim and Adios are 100% natural and are both well priced. However, Zotrim has the medical backing, the proven formulation and the fact that you can get results without changing your diet or lifestyle. This makes Zotrim our top recommendation.



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