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    Acai Juice Holland and Barrett


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    Acai Juice Holland and Barrett



    What is Acai Juice?


    The Holland & Barrett acai Juice is a formulation for overall health that is based around the superfruit acai.


    Acai, if you aren抰 familiar with it, is an extremely healthy fruit that grows in Brazil near the Amazon.


    This medically proven berry has been used by natives for hundreds of years ?but has become world renowned in the past few years.


    Holland & Barret抯 Acai Juice isn抰 just acai, though ?it also includes red grape, lycopene, and resveratrol.


    How does Holland and Barrett Acai Juice Work?


    The strongest benefits, of course, come from the acai berry itself. Acai is extremely rich in antioxidants, which have been shown to fight cancer, boost your immune system, and fight the effects of aging.


    Other benefits of acai include more stamina, better sleep, and improved mood. The other antioxidents included are : 


    Red grape - which is high in nutrients such as flavanoids, can help with your heart health while also improving the health of your circulatory system.


    Lycopene - famous for its role in the tomato, is healthy for the heart, the prostate, and can help reduce body fat levels.


    Resveratrol - a natural chemical that is produced by plants upon injury, can help restore your body to better health while improving your ability to fight off infection and disease.


    Acai Juice Side Effects


    As this product is natural, most people will experience no side effects whatsoever. It is best that young children, as well as those who are pregnant or nursing, should receive approval from their general practitioner before taking acai juice.


    Conclusion: Is Acai Juice Worth It?

    Overall Rating :


    Some people have wondered if acai was just hype, but time has proven that not to be the case. Years have gone by, and trials are still proving the health benefits of acai juice.


    If you抎 like to feel younger, more energetic, and healthier, then you may only be lacking the rich antioxidants and nutrients found in this unique formula. This formula can be purchased online through the Holland and Barrett website.


    Buy Acai Juice online from Holland and Barrett




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